And Then All Hell Broke Loose
And Then All Hell Broke Loose

And Then All Hell Broke Loose

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Experience the enthralling story of the Middle East revolutions, the Arab Spring, war, and terrorism through the eyes of Richard Engel, the renowned NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent. This major New York Times bestseller takes you on a gripping adventure, offering a close-up view of the region's turmoil and historical upheavals.

From his first shocking encounter with the aftermath of a Cairo museum massacre in 1997 to two decades of harrowing experiences under fire, hostage situations, and reporting from conflict-ridden zones, Engel's journey is both thrilling and enlightening. He shares captivating accounts of events such as Egypt's Mubarak and Morsi's arrests, the Lebanese war, Iraq's shooting matches, Libya's Gaddafi's downfall, and the rise of Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Engel's bravery and level-headedness shine as he takes calculated risks while reporting from Afghanistan with the Taliban and Iraq with ISIS. As NBC's Chief Foreign Correspondent, he provides unparalleled access to major figures, resilient soldiers, and helpless victims in the Middle East during this transformative era.

"And Then All Hell Broke Loose" is a nerve-racking and informative portrait of a troubled region, delving into the splintering of nation-states created after World War I. Engel's vivid storytelling captivates readers, offering a succinct and authoritative account of our ever-changing world.

Witness history in the making through Engel's lens, and embark on a journey that blends thrilling adventure with deep insights into the suffering and despair faced by local populations in the Middle East. This page-turning account should be required reading, as it provides an extraordinary perspective on one of the most crucial periods in modern history.