SIGNED The Science of Dragons by Julie Kramer


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Featured in the November 2018 Fantastic Beasts box

Alex Chevalier is a hockey player, and a student at a prestigious private school. She spends her days dreaming about dragons, but even dragons aren’t enough to distract her when a new student comes to her school, bringing with him secrets and intrigue. Alex is invited to an elite boarding school, where she discovers an amazing secret, hidden from the world for more than twenty years: dragons are real. She is to become the figurehead for the species, and will help when they are revealed to the world.

Fast forward. Alex and her dragon, Stellar, are sent on their final mission, when disaster strikes and they are captured. As time goes on and more secrets are revealed, Alex must decide: What is she willing to do to protect her friends, and are there some secrets that should remain in darkness?


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