New Site, who dis?

Well hey there, LitLovers!

Welcome to the new site for all thing LitLove! This blog post will round up all the major changes we’ve made to make it a little easier for you to navigate!

  1. We’re no longer LitLoveBox – we’re now LitLoveShop. This name change better showcases what we’ve become – so much more than just a book subscription box. We also offer bookish apparel, accessories, gifts and candles! Find t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, totes and more inspired by some of your favorite series in the “Market” section of our shop.
  2. We now offer a subscription! Originally, the LitLoveBox operated as single, one time only purchases where you could purchase each month based on the theme. Now, you can still do that, but we will also offer pre-buy options for longer subscriptions at a larger discount. A 1 month single purchase box will still be $35. I’ve also made this handy chart to show how the break down works for the cost on the larger subscriptions. These larger subscriptions will require full payment up front for the total cost of the commitment, but the cost per box goes down with longer subscriptions                                                               
  3. Newsletter – if you’re not already signed up for our newsletter, please go to the homepage of the site and make sure to sign up. This is where we will send out special promotional codes, early announcements and other information for LitLovers to enhance your experience.
  4. Tee Tuesday – One of the things we’ll be sharing in the newsletters are the Tee-Tuesday discounts. The first Tuesday of each month, we will pick a specific tee-shirt from the Market to be $20. In that weeks newsletter, the discount code will be provided for that tee. To get the shirt for $20, you’ll need the code provided in the newsletter – which will take $3 off the selected tee. This code will only work for the selected tee. All tees are $23 normally.
  5. Orders from the old website – if you’ve got an outstanding order from the old website – don’t worry! We will be printing out the shipping labels and order details from all outstanding orders before we shut down the old site and will make sure to clearly communicate any tracking information regarding those orders via email.
  6. Can I purchase a specific theme box? So with the one time only theme boxes, any order made before the 15th of that month will be assigned to the current theme of the month (as long as supplies last). Orders made after the 15th of that month will be assigned to the following month. Any remaining boxes for each theme will be placed for individual order in the Boxes section of the site – not eligible for subscription discounts. All themes will be announced no less than a month ahead of time.
  7. When will my subscription start? If you purchase a subscription before the 15th of the month,  your first box will be of that month and you will receive the boxes for the rest of the months in your chosen subscription length. If you purchase a subscription after the 15th of the month, your first box will be the next month’s theme.
  8. Can I cancel my subscription? Of course. We don’t ever want to hold someone to a subscription they no longer want. However, due to the cycle of the subscriptions and where we are in the packing and shipping process, you may be required to finish the subscription out with the current months box and the remaining months be refunded. For example: If you start a 12 month subscription on July 10 and want to cancel on October 10, you will receive (and pay for) the July box, August box, September box and October box and will be refunded for the remaining 8 boxes in your subscription. Please note that these dates are not set in stone and are just used as an example. Please contact us directly through the contact page to cancel your subscription. Billing/refund will be determined based on the current packing and shipping status of your next box. 


Thank you EVERYONE of you from customers to vendors to authors for all of your love and support during this journey. We’re so amazed at the growth to have experienced and we truly couldn’t have done it without you.

With all that said, go check out all the new fun things on the site, let us know if you see anything that should be changed/updated/fixed (we’re still getting our bearings with the new place) and we’ll have the September Friends Forever box out soon!


-Nikki & Nikki

(and Merlin, but he can’t type.)

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