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LitLoveBox was created for a desire of a bookish subscription box full of things that have a use. While other boxes include very nice decorative items, the creator of LitLoveBox really prefers items that can be used. Most boxes will contain candles, notebooks, bags, shirts, scarves, mugs and other items that can be used around your house and in your life. The box allows you to embrace your Love for Lit (see what we did there?!) in your daily life without being coming across as a crazy fangirl.

our team

  • Nikki Culver
    Nikki Culver Founder + Booktuber + Website
  • Nikki Allegreti
    Nikki Allegreti Inaugural Author + Instagram + Blogger
  • Merlin
    Merlin Package Inspector

    Merlin unfortunately and very unexpectedly passed away in December 2019. We miss him dearly.

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