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LitLoveShop got it’s starts as a monthly subscription box. We had a desire to provide a reasonably priced subscription box with items that offered value to the subscriber. While many other subscription boxes offered very pretty and unique items, for those of us who live in smaller spaces or rented spaces, it was often hard to display all of those pieces.

We wanted to provide items that could be used, consumed and then didn’t just sit around. Teas, bath bombs, chapsticks, notebooks and candles were some of the first items we included. Working with independent and self published authors also gave us the opportunity to bring new stories to subscribers that they might not otherwise be able to find. It also gave us the chance to include special items like signed copies and additional promo from the authors.

After a year of monthly boxes, the sourcing and planning for boxes was becoming difficult when balanced with a full time job and it limited the kind of customers we could get and the items we could offer. We made the decision to transition to a shop that offered items for individual purchase instead of a subscription model. We can (and do) still offer themed bundles, but do not require a subscription style commitment for them.

While our primary avenue for shopping is this website, we can also be found at different local in person events. For more info on that, check out the “LitLoveShop Live” page.

Rewards Program

Our new loyalty rewards program is active! Here’s the quick breakdown:

1. Spend 1 point for every $1 spent on orders of $10 or more.
2. Get $1 off with every 100 points.
3. Get a bonus 50 points for signing up as a new customer (no purchase necessary).
4. Get a bonus 50 points for following us on Facebook. (Please email us a screenshot to confirm so we can add your points!)
5. Get a bonus 50 points for following us on Instagram. (Please email us a screenshot so we can add your points!)
6. Get a bonus 250 points for leaving us a review on Facebook! (Please email us a screenshot so we can add your points!)

We’re excited to roll out this new program for our LitLovers!




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