This page should answer some of our most frequent questions! Still have a question that’s not listed here? Feel free to give us a shout using the contact page!

How do I buy a box?

We are a quarterly box

With an option to sign up for 1, 2 or 4 boxes at a time, we’ve got something to fit your wants. None of these are auto-renewing. This means you will not be charged a second time without choosing to sign back up.

The longer subscription you commit to, the greater discount you get per box. If you know you’ll want to stick around for a bit, try a longer subscription. If you’re a new LitLover, though, you can still get the 1-box option.

How do I know what boxes I will get?

Each quarter of the LitLoveBox introduces a new theme. All of our themes will be announced both on our website and our social media accounts.

If you are interested in a particular box, there are a few ways to purchase:

  1. One time purchase – if you want just that one box and only that one box, you can place a 1-box subscription purchase. One time purchase boxes are $55
  2. Longer Subscription -Sign up to get 2 or 4 boxes to get discounts! Signing up for 2 boxes will cost $100 ($50/box) and you’ll get the current quarter and the next. Signing up for 4 boxes will cost $180 ($45/box) and you’ll get the current quarter and then all three after that!
  3. End-of-Quarter Boxes – At the end of each quarter, any remaining themed boxes will be listed in our marketplace for sale at the $55 single time purchase rate. There is no way to guarantee that boxes will be available this way.

How Much do Boxes Cost?

Get a single box for $55/Quarter ($220 if you buy a year like this)

Get two boxes for $100. This is $50/Quarter ($200 if you buy a year like this)

Get all four boxes for $180 or $45/Quarter. ($180 for the year).


Please note: The prices displayed above do not include shipping. Shipping in the US is an average of $8 a box, Canada is average $10.50 USD a box and the rest of the world is an average of $16.50 USD per box. Your final shipping rate will be calculated based on the total number of boxes in your subscription and your location in the world. Currently, the shipping rates are as low as we can offer and the discounts on shipping increase with the number of boxes in your subscription.

What comes in the boxes?

Each quarter, the LitLoveBox contains a book (we try our best to send signed books as much as possible) and 4-6 bookish items inspired by the theme for that month. We often include items like candles, bath bombs, tote bags, notebooks, jewelry, bookmarks, mugs and other useful items.

Can I buy just ONE item from a past box?

If there’s an item you saw from a previous box that you simply have to have – no worries! We will soon be listing remaining stock available for individual purchase in our market. Please keep in mind that not all items from boxes will be available to purchase like this.

Can I send a box or a subscription as a gift?

Of course! Just make sure that when you check out that the shipping address is set to the appropriate person. If you would like to include a gift note in the box, please make sure to let us know what you want it to say using the “Order Notes” section at checkout. Please also make sure that your email is linked to the order so if we have any questions, we are able to get in touch! If you would like the recipient to also be signed up for our e-mail list to get discounts and announcements, please include their email address into the “Order Notes” section.

I ordered something from the Market – when can I expect it?

We go to the post office about once to twice a week. Your order will ship at our nearest post office trip and most boxes are delivered within a week within the US. International boxes can take up to 3-5 weeks depending on your location and customs process. Please note – If you’re planning a single box or a subscription to arrive in time for a Christmas present, we’ll announce our final date for those orders when we get closer. We will go to the post office earlier and more often for the holiday season to do our best with holiday gifts.

If you’ve ordered candles from our marketplace, those will be either a) included in your next LitLoveBox subscription box if you have one or b) sent separately within a week of ordering if you do not have an upcoming box.

If you’ve ordered a post-quarter leftover box, they will be sent out within a week of ordering.

If you’ve ordered anything else (Anything that’s not a themed box or a candle, so this applies to all the shirts, hats, totes, phone cases, prints, hoodies, etc.) please note that these items are fulfilled through a fulfillment service. We do not keep these items in stock and each item is printed on demand just for you once you’ve ordered it. Most items are printed and shipped within 5-8 days of your order. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive an automated email containing your tracking info – most domestic orders arrive within a week.

Something got damaged in my box!

Oh no!

We do our best each month to pack the boxes in a way that should prevent items from being damaged – but every once in a while, a book might get jostled, a candle may break or a bath bomb may crumble.

If you’ve gotten something in your box that arrived in a condition you’re not happy with, please contact us immediately using the contact page. We will get back to you within 48 hours to get pictures of the damaged item and we will work with you to resolve the issue.


please note –  The apparel from our warehouse comes directly from their packaging facility. The printing process they use to apply the design to the garments requires a “Pre-Treatment Solution” to help the design stick better to the shirt and not wear off in the wash the way a lot of vinyl decals do. This means your apparel may arrive with a strong vinegar smell to it – don’t fret! This is just that pre-treatment solution that ensures your shirts stays looking the way you ordered it for as long as possible – the smell comes out in the wash!

Can I get a free box?

We choose social media reps every few months to receive a free box or two for a review on their platforms. To know when we’re doing our next rep search, follow us on social media (@litloveshop) and subscribe to our newsletter.

We are working on a secondary level influencer program that provides others the opportunity to receive LitLove items at a heavy discount for their own purchases and a code to share with their followers. More details on this to come.



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